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    Annual Maintenance Contracts for Fire Alarm And Fire Fighting System

    We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for Fire Alarm And Fire Fighting system as per Civil Defence Standards and we approve Contracts as per Civil Defence Norms. Also We provide Maintenance for Fire Extinguishers.

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    Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm System

    As a provider of fire safety solutions, we supply and install all kinds of fire detection system that are required by Dubai/Adu Dhabi Civil Defence and NFPA requirements. We undertake the supply, installation and maintenance of both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.

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    Electro Mechanical Works in MEP

    We supply and install a vast range of Electrical and Electronics devices and equipment as per our client and consultant requirement. Also we supply and install Mechanical Fixtures like Plumbing pipes for drainage and water supply as well.

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    Emergency Light System – Central Monitoring & Self Contained

    We Safety World design, supply and installation of all kinds of Emergency Lighting system such as central battery, central monitoring as well as ordinary self contained emergency light as per our client's requirements.

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    Fire Fighting System & Accessories

    We Provide Fire Fighting system such as Fire Hose Reels, Sprinklers, Check Valves, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrants and Fire Suppression system like FM200 system, Foam System etc. We provide supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Fighting system

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    Fire Proofing Paint – Cementitious Paint

    The cementitious fire protection coatings are designed for steel construction so as to have excellent adhesion to steel substrates. Cementitious Paint is formulated with materials such as cement, vermiculite, fiber (asbestos free) and some other inorganic materials, where it shows the toughness and